Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Targeting Marriage: Target's Corporate Electioneering Hurts Minnesota GLBT Families (Part 1)

Many Target customers, aware of the company's public image as a diverse and inclusive corporation, would be surprised to learn that Target bankrolls special interest groups supporting anti-marriage equality candidates. But that's exactly the case.

"Minnesota needs Tom Emmer. ... Tom Emmer: The fighter Minnesota needs"
Target candidate Tom Emmer's campaign website:
I believe marriage is the union between one man and one woman. As a legislator, I have consistently supported the constitutional marriage amendment that protects traditional marriage.
Tom Emmer is a vocal opponent of equality for Minnesota's GLBT families, a position that stands in stark contrast to Target's self-portrayal as a diverse and progressive corporation.

In our next post, we'll investigate how Target not only made a bad choice by supporting Tom Emmer -- they made the worst choice, using their corporate cash to support the number one anti-equality candidate in the race.

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