Friday, July 23, 2010

Target Candidate Tom Emmer's "Nice People" On Homosexuals: "On Average, They Molest 117 People Before They're Found Out"

I wanted to highlight one particular passage from the SFist story we just posted:
Bradlee Dean, the frontman of a Christian rock band in Minnesota called You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, recently said that Muslim countries that execute LGBTs are "more moral than even the American Christians," plus some mouth-foaming about gays engaging in abominations and child molestation. Ugh. ...

Tom Emmer seems to like Bradlee Dean -- as in, really like. "These are nice people," Tom said of the band. Meanwhile, Bradlee told an interviewer, "On average, they molest 117 people before they're found out. How many kids have been destroyed, how many adults have been destroyed because of crimes against nature?"
Ladies and gentlemen, Target candidate Tom Emmer.

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  1. Thanks for unveiling this info. I am a big Target shopper, but I'll think twice about patronizing them now. Ick.