Friday, July 23, 2010

NBC Bay Area: Target "Chooses To Ignore That As Governor [Tom Emmer Would] Work To Deny Rights To The Company's LGBT Customers And Employees"

The current top story on NBC Bay Area's website is headlined "Target Supporting Anti-Gay Minnesota Candidate." It doesn't get any better from there. This is more awful news for Target, as the company is currently working to secure approval for its first San Francisco locations. Highlights:
While San Francisco shoppers eagerly anticipate not just one but possibly two new outlets for Target in the City, political news from the Minneapolis-based company's home state of Minnesota might spoil some enthusiasm.

It turns out that Target has contributed $150,000 to a Political Action Committee that supports Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. ...

The company response? "Target supports causes and candidates based strictly on issues that affect our retail and business interests." In other words, it sees Emmer as more business-friendly than his Democratic opponent, and just chooses to ignore that as governor he'd work to deny rights to the company's LGBT customers and employees.
How long will Target stand by and watch its carefully crafted image collapse?


  1. The news that Target publicly donated money to Republican Emmer hit me emotional. A recent supreme court decisions allows corporations to donate UNLIMITED amount of money to political campaigns. There is already way too much money in politics. This money leads to distortion, sound bite politics, and perhaps worse of all, a media system which seeks to agitate people instead of creating calm discourse.

    I shopped at Target because I thought they were the good corporate citizen - supporting schools, gay rights, environmental issues and strong families. Women who favor strong schools, libraries, fair taxation are Target's key customers. More than half of these women vote for democratic candidates. So why would Target publicly support the republican candidate and risk aliening more than half their customer base?

    I struggle to find a way to write this in the calm rational voice. But basically, I think the CEO of Target must be so blinded by his power that he does not see customers like myself.

    Target may argue the $150,000 they gave to support Emmer advertising is only about spending money to create a good business climate. We all want better days. Too many of us are employed and more scare than we have ever been. We are worried about our children and their future.

    If someone reading this has the time. I like to know what the CEO of Target makes. How much money did the Bush tax cuts save him? What percentage of his income would he pay in taxes in the 1950s, the 1980s, the and today. I know he benefitted greatly from the Bush tax cuts. Tax cuts for the super rich simply means MORE TAXES for us.

    Why would Target risk aliening half of their customers base? I now know why I had such a strong emotional reaction. I am dependent on Target and the other large chain stores. There is no local place in Eagan to buy school supplies or underwear. Target can go public that they support a candidate who favors reducing the minimum wage because I have no where else to shop.

    One of the reason our economy is in trouble right now is that we have lost our local economy. Where are the local drugs stores? The small clothes boutiques? When we shop local more money stays in our economy. In many ways, I am very grateful this situation came up because I have been doing the easy thing marching to Target. I try to buy my food directly from local farmer. Anybody know where I can buy local underwear and school supplies? Also I started a meetup group... boycott Target. Please join and spread the word.

  2. I echo what the previous commenter said. Please, please boycott Target. I've started a page on facebook. Spread the word!


  4. I am shopping at target. This is ridiculous. Just because a company supports a candidate doesn't mean we get all emotional and start boycotting. Target has supported many lgbt events and organizations. Unreal!